Sunday, 8 November 2009

brownie batter, shocky blue nails, & girdles.

Featuring Mandy with chocolate chip muffins. the recipe was taken from veganomicon, for cranberry nut bread. a few tweaks and total soymilk and 1/2 c. chocolate chips later...
Mandy wears her birthday apron, bright "shocky blue" (daun) nailpolish, an authentic girdle with matching bralet, corset, cami tank and borrowed black heels.

1.What dessert would you drown yourself in?

I would drown myself in brownie batter :):)

2.Favorite food smell?

M-Hmm... I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking. kinda obvious, but it's the truth

3. Perfect birthday cake?

4. Who would you like to make you dinner and what would they make?
M-Ummmmm.... I want granny to make me her fried chicken strips dinner with mashed taties and gravy

5.Mix 3 flavors of ice cream......

M-vanilla, strawberry, and cookie dough :):)

6. 1 food the rest of your life.....
M-oooh jeez... this changes a lot... what was the last thing I thought about?? one minute...

blue raspberry jello :):)